PGA Sutures


Sutures by DemeTech - Polyglycolic Acid suture is a synthetic, absorbable, sterile, surgical suture composed of 100% glycolide. The chemical formula of DemeTech's PGA is (C2H2O2)n. Clinical trials have shown that after two weeks, approximately 84% of DemeTech's PGA initial strength remained. At four weeks, approximately 23% of DemeTech's PGA linear tensile strength remained. Sutures by DemeTech - Polyglycolic Acid Suture has been found to be nonantigenic and elicit only mild tissue reactivity during the absorption process.

    Characteristics of DemeTech's PGA Sutures:

    Polyglycolic Acid, better known as PGA, is composed of polymers of glycolide acids.

    DemeTech's PGA is coated to allow for easier passage through tissues with only minimal drag.

    Coated PGA sutures facilitate:

      - Easy tissue passage

      - Precise knot placement

      - Smooth tie down

      - A decreased tendency to irritate tissue

      - Greater tensile strength