Hexoganol Pore Shape,

Designed for optimal reinforcment

The DemeLENE MESH™ is a nonabsorbable mesh used to reinforce or bridge inguinal hernia deficiencies to provide extended support during and following wound healing.


Animal studies show that implantation of DemeTECH® MESH elicits a minimum to slight inflammatory reaction, which is transient, and is followed by the deposition of a thin fibrous layer of tissue which can grow through the interstices of the mesh, thus incorporating the mesh into adjacent tissue.


The mesh remains soft and pliable, and normal wound healing is not noticeably impaired. The material is neither absorbed nor is it subject to degradation or weakening by the action of tissue enzymes.

Central braided core, Central core covered by several small compact braid for secure and reliable knotting.


Silicone coating, Provide a smooth surface for easy knot run down and atraumatic suturing.


HOW SUPPLIED The DEMETECH® DemeLENE MESH™ is available sterile, undyed, and in several sizes.


STORAGE Recommended storage conditions: below 25° C (77° F), away from moisture and direct heat. Do not use after expiry date.


STERILITY DEMETECH® DemeLENE MESH™, is sterilized by Ethylene Oxide. Do not resterilize. Do not use if package is opened or damaged. Discard open, unused product.


Polypropylene MESH



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